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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Squeaky Shoes

A week ago I purchased some squeaky shoes for BB from Connie's blog.  She is raising funds to adopt a little darling from China; I needed some black shoes for BB.  So, I picked a pair, coordinated with her on size, and wah-lah, the squeaky shoes arrived mid week.

Now, when I ordered these shoes, I thought they looked cute, but I had no idea why they were called squeaky shoes.  I guess I'm really out of touch.  When I looked them over, I saw a little button on the inside edge of the sole.  Yes, the shoes actually SQUEAK when you step down in them!

BB loves them!  I hold him and let him bounce, and he immediately looks down to see where the sound comes from.  It will be so fun if he starts walking before he outgrows these shoes!  If not, I will probably have to get another pair!!!

Check out Connie's blog to see part of the selection of squeaky shoes. You can always contact her via email on her profile page for more info and pictures as well.

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