A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. --Forest E. Witcraft

Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween 2011


*** Spider Fairy ***

*** Little Red Riding Hood ***

*** Skeleton Man ***

and a
*** Duck ***
in constant motion!

Quack, Quack!

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Today BB was baptized.

My uncle was here from out of state;

my sister flew in for the day;

my other sister joined us for most of the day
after working late last night;

my parents stayed in town following the adoption
earlier this week.

This is the first time the WHOLE family
has been together in a long time!

What a wonderful way to celebrate!

He is so stinkin' cute!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

It's Official

BB is now a forever member of our family!

Isn't he just the CUTEST?

I can hardly believe that

I am the legal mom of three

and the psychological mom of four.

Praise God for all of His blessings!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Big Boy

I think I'm renaming Baby Boy to Big Boy!  We went to the doctor for a well check today.  BB was 90% in height (34 in) and 75% in weight (29.5 lbs).  The doctor picked him up after examining him and was shocked how solid he is!

Oh, BB threw a couple of whopper temper tantrums in the doctor's office as well - one in front of the nurse and one in front of the doctor!  Joy, Joy!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Less than one week...

BB will be part of our family forever!

It is hard to believe that a year and a half ago,

a sweet tiny baby boy was brought to me,

bundled in a blanket

with one diaper and one empty bottle.

He was adorable.


Saturday, October 15, 2011


BB definitely has found a mind of his own and is growing an independent side to his personality.  He knows what he wants and what he doesn't.  If he gets what he wants, he is such a joyful and fun child.  When he doesn't, well, let's just say he's not.  BB has taken to throwing fits on the floor, pulling hair, pinching (hard!), screaming, and throwing things when he is upset.  I tend to ignore him when he gets in one of these moods, but the other kids try to help.  Today I put my foot down and told them to stop unless they were told to help or asked first.  We can't reward this kind of behavior.

Starting around dinner tonight, BB started getting upset.  Yes, he was tired, but there had to be more.  Because he is still not talking much, it is very hard to guess.  He raises his arms up, but he doesn't point.  Back to dinner...first he kicked and threw a fit getting into the high chair.  Then he dumped his plate.  At least the food stayed on the high chair when he threw his plate on the floor.  Next, piece by piece, he started throwing the food on the floor.  He did eat applesauce and drank two cups of milk.  Then he started screaming and kicking again.  Nothing helped.  I finally took him out and put him in the bathtub.  He screamed through most of the bath, which is very unusual.  After he got out, he calmed down as I got him ready for bed.  He got his milk and went to bed nicely. 

About 15 minutes later, he started crying and screaming.  He was definitely tired.  I thought he would just wear himself out and go to sleep.  No such luck.  He was still throwing a fit about an hour later.  By then Sweets and Buddy were ready for bed.  It was pajama ride time!  I went in and picked up BB.  He sniffed and hiccupped and finally calmed down.  I knew if I put him down again, he would start all over.  Instead, he threw the next fit getting into the carseat!  I turned on lullabies and drove a few miles.  We needed to get gas anyway.  BB calmed down relatively quickly and sat quietly while I pumped gas.  We drove back home, not rushing at all.  As I turned into our neighborhood, he was still staring out the window.  May poked me as we approached our street.  He was finally out.  I drove around our subdivision, trying to find houses decorated for Halloween to keep the middle two occupied.  It worked.  When we got home, I was able to transfer BB to his bed (no small feat!).  He is out for the night!

I thought things might get easier after mid-terms/finals, as we moved into fall break.  Nope, just found enough time to breathe and catch up on everything that has been put off, postponed, or ignored for days or weeks.  I do feel like I have accomplished a lot, but this list is still long.  At least the most important stuff is completed.  I'm so glad I have one more day tomorrow before the chaos starts again.  Being home both yesterday and today has really helped me catch up.  Maybe next week won't be so crazy!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Seed

This afternoon we went to the birthday party of one of my former foster children.  She is now 8 and doing so well!  At the party I met one of the neighbors, who had brought her little girl.  We talked, and through conversations with others, she discovered BB was being adopted by me out of foster care.  That started a whole new conversation about foster parenting and adopting.

Oh, how I love to share my experiences, both good and bad, on this subject.  I probably talked her ear off!  For a long time, I thought she was just curious.  I felt like maybe I was planting a seed.  Later on, she shared that she had several siblings and couldn't imagine her daughter growing up as an only child.  She shared that she and her husband had been considering foster care, but they never got around to figuring out the process.  Wow!  Maybe I was watering and nurturing the seed instead.  I gave her some info, as well has my phone numbers, and told her to call me anytime!

Later in the day, we visited another foster family with whom we have been friends for a few years.  I found out that newborns are being put in shelters due to a severe shortage of foster parents in our area.  A year ago, they had cleared almost all kids under 10 out of shelters into foster homes.  Now they are not only filling the shelters, but they can't even find homes for newborns.  That has never been a problem before!  I was told they are even calling the juvenile detention center looking for beds for the older kids.  Oh, my heart - it makes me so sad!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gadget Baby


Yes, that would be my cell phone.

Anything with buttons,

Anything that comes apart,

Anything that makes noise,

Anything that has a cause and effect,

He loves!

We may have an engineer in the making!

PS - After several calls to technical support, downloading firmware,
rekeying licenses, and hours of syncing,
I finally have two of May's books on her new MP3 player!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Surprise (aka whoops)!

Yesterday was a day off from work.  After two doctor's appointments in the morning, I was home organizing paperwork and trying to get my taxes in order. 

Yes, I filed an extension, and time is almost up - nothing like true procrastination!

A little after 1pm, the doorbell rang.  I went to see who it was, thinking it must be a salesman. 

Whoops!  It was BB's case manager.  The first words out of my mouth:  I thought you were coming on the 30th.  Her reply, "It is the 30th."  Boy, did I look dumb.

The house was bordering on disaster.  Miss M had taken BB to therapy.  I had totally forgotten about the appointment!

Luckily, this is the same adoption case manager I had for both May and Buddy.  She has kids of her own and was totally not phased.  She wasn't even worried that she didn't see BB.  I am so thankful.

I signed the final paperwork for the adoption.  Everything is ready.  We are just waiting for the hearing at the end of October!