A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. --Forest E. Witcraft

Saturday, October 23, 2010

4 for 4

I'm getting tired of the weekly trip to the ER/Urgent Care!  This time it was May with a large welt on her inner thigh.  It started as a bug bite yesterday, was red about the size of a quarter this morning, and was about seven inched in diameter by 5pm, itching, hot, and hurting.  The tricky part was this time I had all four kids with me.  We made it, and the seven-year-olds were even reasonably patient.  After about an hour, we left following a dose of Bene*dryl with a script for an antibiotic.  Could we please stop with the weekend medical issues?

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  1. i know, it is always one after the other.

    i had a freaky bug bite that did that too! i was so scared! i left it alone and it went away-but i have never ever had anything like that happen!