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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Pageant and Caroling

This afternoon was the Christmas Pageant at church.  Both Buddy and Sweets (since rehearsals were on the weekends) were in it this year.  Sweets was a shepherd who sang a trio; she did an awesome job.  Buddy was in the choir.

Sweets' dad had said he was coming.  A friend of his (mature lady whom Sweets loves) was also planning to come and could give him a ride.  The friend went to pick him up, but he wasn't ready.  They arrived about ten minutes after it was over (drive is about 45 minutes).  Sweets' first words after the play: "Did my dad come?"  All I could do is say he was on his way.  Luckily that wasn't the end of the day. 

We had a soup and salad dinner at church followed by Christmas caroling on haywagons to shut-in, sick, or elderly members of our church.  Many live within the local square mile.  I let Buddy and Sweets go with her dad and friend (supervised by a friend of mine from church) while I took BB home to stay with my parents.  Sweets' dad had no idea what was going on as he boarded the wagon, but he came back smiling saying he had a great time.  He had never been caroling before, and although he didn't sing, he enjoyed it.  His friend (whom I respect and trust) told me afterward that everyone was so nice to them (so great to hear about people at church).  Unfortunately, she also told me that he spent the entire time texting and not watching or interacting with his daughter at all.  So sad.

I met the haywagons when they returned. Everyone came in for cookies and hot chocolate.  Then the jolly old man himself came.  All three talked to him, even if May would only go with a friend.  Luckily, Buddy asked him for EXACTLY what Santa is bringing for Christmas!  I so love it when it all works out.

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