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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Just Turn It In

This is Grace Week at school for May.  In her English class, the students can turn in missed assignments for up to 70% credit.  Normally late assignments are not accepted.

Last semester we has many missed assignments, so I have made a concerted effort to stay on top of what is assigned and due this semester.  Or at least I thought I had. 

English is the most difficult subject in this respect, because there are four subcategories to that class, each of which may have homework, but not always.  May did pretty good and only missed one assignment in English in January.  But then she missed 12 in two weeks time in February!  Argh!  Grant it, 8 of them were in a single packet, which she completed but then misplaced at the time it was due. 

As of today she has turned in 12 of the 13 missed assignments.  BUT now she has missed one more last week!  Hopefully she can turn that in too.

I talked with the teacher, who indicated that the reasons given for missing the assignments vary: didn't finish, left at home, didn't know it was due, can't find it. 

The teacher has solved the one for knowing when it's assigned and due.  Assignments are written on the board each day.  May has a terrible time copying them down.  So the teacher allows them to take a picture of the board with their cell phone at the end of class.  Ingenious!

I usually make sure that May completes the assignments.  Most of the time I ask to see each one (although sometimes she leaves "completed" ones in her locker at school). 

What I can't seem to solve is getting her to turn the assignments in to the right place at the right time!  I ask her in the morning if she has everything for the classes that day.  Answer is always yes, but I don't think she has really checked sometimes.  So now she has to pack up the night before.  How though do I get her to turn the paper in at school?!

She is in 7th grade.  This is her first year of switching classes, multiple teachers, and alternating day schedules.  But I feel like she should be able to handle the responsibility of turning her work in!  The bulk of her individual assignments are either an A or an F.  She can do the work; she just doesn't do it consistently.

I've removed many privileges, but that doesn't seem to make much difference.  If I have a big enough carrot out there for her, she sometimes becomes quite responsible.  But I guess I don't have the brain power to continuously come up with something important enough to force her to focus.

Any ideas?

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