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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Details - part 1

For those who want an inside peek at the details of establishing visits, here goes...

Precious was placed on a Monday.  On Tuesday, the case manager (CM) asked if I would mind supervising a visit between mom and Precious, because it would take her a while to get official visits set up.  I told her Friday would work the best for me, and we agreed to 9:30am.  I specify that I am fine doing this, as long as mom is the only one visiting.  Apparently, there was quite a bit of drama from others at the hospital upon initial removal.  I also state that I can really only stay about an hour.

On Thursday she tells me the visit is confirmed for 10-11am on Friday.  Okay, good enough.  All the visit rooms are booked, but we can meet in the lobby.  Nice.

I arrive right at 10am on Friday.  Mom finally shows about 11:25am.  You can read the details here.  At least I finally got to meet mom of both Precious and BB.  I offer to bring Precious to court if I can, assuming it would be within the next week, and also offer to facilitate another visit the next Friday, if the CM doesn't yet have visits established. 

This past week I contact the CM again about a court date - still none set.  By Wednesday, I figure it has to be on Friday, since it is supposed to happen within 5-7 working days of removal, and we are already on eight weekdays.  On Thursday I get voicemail from a case aide (CA) whose primary job is to transport children to and from visits and supervise the parent(s) during the visit.  This social worker is at the bottom of the food chain at CPS.  The CA says she has setup a visit from 2-4 this Saturday, with regular visits starting next week on Thursdays.  She wants to know if I can help with transportation.

Thursday evening I call the CA back and say the visit times are fine.  I doubt I can transport this Saturday, but I can probably pick up from visits on Thursdays.  She is incredibly distracted during the phone call, and I hear a lot of background noise.  I ask if it would be better for her to call me the next day.  Yes, that would be good. 


Saturday...I call the CA in the morning and confirm the visit is on.  She will pick up Precious at my house at 1:30pm.  I tell her I might be able to pick up after the visit; I will let her know for sure when she gets here.

1:30 - nothing; 2:00 - still nothing; 2:15 - ding, dong, here to pick up Precious for her visit.  I recognize the CA from when I sat in the lobby for over an hour during the first visit last Friday.  She's slow, very, very slow; definitely at the bottom of the food chain.

To be continued...

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