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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Please Call ASAP

Receiving a voice mail from anyone regarding my kids that says, "Please call me back as soon as you can" always gives me anxiety.  Today it was justified.

Miss M called me about 3pm.  Luckily, I picked up the message at work about ten minutes later.  I could tell from her voice that she was stressed.  I called her back right away.  Someone had rear-ended her and BB in the van while she was stopped at a traffic light on the way to pick up the kids from school. 

I ran out of work; the accident was less than three miles away.  The police officer was getting information and writing the report as I pulled up.  Miss M was so worried about BB, but he was just fine.  I called his doctor, who said just to monitor him and look out for extra fussiness over the next couple days.  After Miss M recognized that BB was okay, she realized her back was really sore and getting worse.  No one was hurt in the other vehicle, but the lady was obviously very upset and worried.  The good news - she has current insurance from a reputable company!

Miss M and I managed to get both cars to the school parking lot just down the street.  I went in and picked up May and Buddy from after care.  Then we took Miss M to the ER to get checked out.  I'll worry about picking up my car tomorrow.

The latest report from Miss M is that she will feel worse before she feels better.  She is getting some really good medicine, but she won't be able to drive for a couple of days.  We'll play it by ear tomorrow; I'll make my schedule work to take the kids to/from school.  At least I can flex my schedule this week, as opposed to having a final I must take like most semesters! 

The kids are okay, Miss M will recover (soon, I hope), and the van will get fixed.  Praise God that nothing more serious happened.  I'll just add one more thing to the juggling act!  :-)

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