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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Musical Rooms

It's a plan that has been in the works for a few months, but we actually got started this weekend.  We are playing musical chairs rooms.  May is moving to the den at the front of the house and getting a new bedroom set we found at C*stco for about half of what we had seen elsewhere.  It's a full bed, so it will work as a guest room as well, assuming I can get it cleaned up when we are expecting guests.

Sweets will move into May's old room and inherit the twin bunk beds (currently covered in stuffed animals on top).  BB will move over into the room Sweets has been in with the twin trundle bed.  Hopefully, his crib and dresser which seconds as a changing table will fit, once we move all of the toys out.  Buddy gets to keep his room.  The first time this came up, he was not happy, but this weekend we turned it into a good thing that only he and I get to stay in our rooms.  Plus, now he is inheriting May's old desk, so he is now happy as well.

The first step was to move all but the heaviest four pieces of furniture out of May's room into Sweets' room temporarily and shampoo the carpet in May's room.  I'm not sure how the carpet in May's room ended up with so many stains and spots, but it's quite a bit better now - will probably have to do it at least once more. 

May then spent a few hours sorting through some of the bins of her things deciding what to save, give to Sweets, donate, or pitch.  What an agonizing process!  Unfortunately, she can spend an hour going through a dozen pieces of paper and just pushing things around unless she is monitored.  We made some headway, but not as much as hoped. 

My goal is to sort through her open bins before next weekend to reduce the amount moving to her new room.  I'm not going to let her move it and then sort, or it just won't happen.  Since Sweets is gone during the week, the piles in her room won't matter until Friday night.

Next weekend I will have help from family members to move furniture and setup May's bedroom set.  Let's hope we are ready!

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  1. we have been playing musical rooms for months now! :) i know the feeling