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Monday, August 20, 2012

The Next Phase

This afternoon I had a doctor's appointment, but I had forgotten something at home that I needed to take.  So I left work a little early in order to run home on the way.  While at home, the phone rang.  I'm compulsive about not missing a phone call, so I answered it...

It was the CPS Adoption Unit. 

They had received Precious' case, and the new adoption case manager was calling to set up a home visit!  Unbelievably, she came out this evening and brought the adoption paperwork packet.  We are one step closer!

Unfortunately, due to some arbitrary assignment protocol and CPS dividing all case managers and all cases into two categories, the adoption case manager that has handled my three previous adoptions cannot handle this case since it is in the opposite arbitrary category.  Ugh!  I'm so disappointed.  It is obvious that both my former adoption case manager and the new one are not happy either, since the reverse has occurred with the new adoption case manager and some of her former families.  Classic case of policy getting in the way of common sense!  Oh well, the new case manager seems nice and is a cube mate of my former adoption case manager.

There must have been a Master plan today, because had I not answered that call, it would have been at least another week before I could have scheduled tonight's home visit!  We are on the move!

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