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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Urgent Care supervisor called back today as he said he would

We have a satisfactory resolution...
  • he admitted he was wrong about a "law" requiring adoption papers to be carried
  • he agreed that questioning should cease when the answer is "Yes" to "Are you mom?"
  • he declared their policy would change soon with appropriate training to follow
  • he indicated the staff member who saw me Monday has been identified and will be "retrained"
Apparently, there were discussions with higher ups today that acknowledged a need to change.  He stated that when a person declares themself to be a parent, "it is not our business to investigate further."

Bottom line - he is going to revise their policy!  I told him I would follow up in a few weeks to understand their new policy!

This supervisor was extremely respectful and courteous and even encouraged me to bring my daughter back for a complementary physical. Since school final registration is tomorrow, I took him up on the offer tonight.  It was a very pleasant experience. 


  1. That is awesome! I'm so glad the supervisor followed through and that positive changes will come from a negative experience.

  2. Way to go! So great to hear that they didn't just try to excuse it or sweep it under the carpet.

  3. I have been reading through this incident with the urgent care. I would have HIT THE ROOF. Oh my goodness, you handled this so much better than I probably would have.