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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Missed By That Much

Severance complete - check.

No appeal - check.

Case transferred to adoptions - check.

Adoption case manager home visit - check.

Adoption attorney contacted - check.

Subsidy paperwork - in progress.

Doctor's appointment - next week.

Adoption certification - EXPIRED last Friday!

Adoption home study - filed by agency today.

I must be certified to adopt in order to have my attorney file the petition to adopt with the court.  Precious' case is eligible for an adoption hearing 90 days after the adoption petition is filed.  Unfortunately, now I need to wait until I am recertified to adopt before the petition can be filed.
The adoption case manager indicated that it can take up to three months for the certification to be approved.  My attorney said it is only taking about three weeks from the time the request is filed with the court for the judge who approves my residence region.  I really hope it doesn't take 2+ months from the time my licensing agency files with the state agency to go to the court.  Bottom line, it will likely be one to three months before being able to file the adoption petition.
The worst of this is that the adoption attorney told me today that had she known my certification was about to expire, we could have filed during the last month.  I didn't NEED to wait until the case transferred to adoptions!  Live and learn.  Last time, I was told to call back after the adoption case manager got the case, but then I had a brand new certification and was in no hurry because I wanted to complete developmental testing for BB first.

I'm hoping we can file in September.  I would really like to have this adoption done by the end of the year!

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