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Sunday, June 24, 2012


May left for Y*M*C*A cowboy camp today.  She gets to ride and take care of horses virtually full-time for two weeks.  I'm not sure May understands how much work she will be doing, but she was excited to go.  By last night she was getting anxious, but she was still looking forward to it.  Today she handled things really well, but I could tell she was stressing inside.  I am very proud of her taking on this challenge, as she historically does not deal well with new situations!  I found out as the bus was pulling out that there are only twelve campers this week, as half of the camp is being used by a different group (not involving the horses).  Next week up to a hundred other campers may come.

Sweets really wanted to go too, but she has three more years to meet the age criteria.  I'm trying to send her next week to the one week session at the same camp for younger campers.  Their actual horse time is limited, but it's more than she would get otherwise (that would be nothing).  I talked to a director about a scholarship for her, since she would definitely qualify.  Unfortunately, her dad has to fill out a financial application and provide some paperwork.  When I asked him, he took the forms, but his attitude was basically "you pay for it".  He'll sign permission but doesn't want to divulge any information.

I hoped to send Buddy to a week of camp too, but he is scared of not interested in horses.  They have a second, more traditional summer camp which is at a higher elevation (a.k.a cooler).  He is interested in that one, so I will see if I can send him after the girls get back.  This way Miss M has less kids to watch and there is less fighting on a daily basis.

I will miss May's help while she is gone, but I'm happy she is able to have this experience.  I hope she enjoys it and pray she stays safe!

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  1. I hope she has fun....and I kinda wanna ring sweets' dad's neck. :)