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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day at Home

We spent almost the entire day at home (all but dinner).  That is pretty unusual for us, because we typically have errands to run or places to be on the weekend.  Instead, today was a day focused on cleaning up and organizing.  Unfortunately, although I know I did a lot, it doesn't look like much!

I did finish four loads of laundry, changed three beds, hung a shelf in May's room that used to belong to her great grandmother, attempted to clean some spots on the carpet, and sorted clothes.  Yes, many, many clothes of many, many sizes. 

You see, I have three closets and many drawers, plus boxes that don't have homes, full of kids clothes.  I do pass clothes on to others, and I have given some away to charity.  But I have this complex that I want to have what I need readily available in case a new child is dropped on my doorstep.

Thing is, I'm not planning on taking any new children any time soon.  I'm not sure if/when I will open for another placement.  With four to care for on a regular basis, I don't know if I can do justice to caring for another one.  But, for now, I just keep sorting and packing up the clothes.  I did pack a bag and a box to give a way!

The good news is, I found some pajamas for BB that fit him right now.  I also found the box of 24mo/2T boy's clothes that we will need for winter.  I packed away everything smaller than what he is wearing right now. 

I still need to sort through the closets and dressers of the three older kids to pull anything that no longer fits.  Oh well, there are still two more days this weekend, right?

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  1. Ughh. I need to do that too...i have way too many clothes around here