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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Case of the Missing Keys

A week ago on Friday night, we were getting ready to go out.  BB was fussy, so I handed him my keys to try to settle him as we packed up.  He started pushing the remote button to lock the van, which beeps every time.  He loves it.  The neighbors - probably not so much.  So I took the keys away from him and tried to get everyone else ready and out the door.

A little while later, with everyone in the van, I gathered up my purse and diaper bag.  I couldn't find the keys anywhere.  No one else knew where they were.  I grabbed the extra van key and we left, figuring I would find them when we got home.

Well, I couldn't find them that night, or Saturday, or Sunday.  By Monday I was starting to worry.  Two car remotes, the mailbox key, my fuel key, and other assorted keys were on that ring.  Several of us, including Miss M and the lady that cleans my house looked for the keys during the week to no avail. 

I found extra keys for everything I need on a regular basis except the mailbox.  Yesterday I went out and met the mailman with my driver's license hoping he would give me my mail which had piled up during the week.  He was nice and did "this time" after I explained the situation.  A new key is $40 from the post office, he told me.  I started adding up the cost of replacing the mailbox key, the car remotes, and more - not a happy thought.  I figured I would give it until Tuesday and try to look even harder the rest of this weekend.

Last night, I cooked a casserole and went to grab a hot pad to get it out of the oven.  Whoo-hoo!  I found the keys!!!

How they got in the drawer on the farthest side of the kitchen from where I took them away from BB, I have no idea.  But the case of the missing keys is solved!  One less thing to worry about!

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  1. Wow... If MINE had ended up in there, I NEVER would have found them! Who knows how long I go between needing pot holders!!! :-)