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Saturday, June 11, 2011

First Dive Meet

This morning was the first dive meet for Sweets and Buddy.  They both did very well.

Buddy's very first dive - what confidence!

Unfortunately I missed Sweets' first dive - BAD mom.

Buddy's back jump - nice and straight!

Sweets' back jump - her second dive.

Buddy's front dive - love those toes!

Sweets' front dive - nice legs together!

Buddy's last dive was a front flip.  Unfortunately, his coach was on the girls' side and another coach told Buddy to do his approach.  So he slowly did Step, Step, Hop and attempted his flip, landing on his back (OUCH!) because he didn't jump high enough.  Buddy naturally does the correct approach, but we call it "run and jump".  When his coach tells him that, he does fine, but when he thinks about his approach he can't do it quickly.  Afterwards, I tried to explain to him that his "run and jump" is HIS approach and he needs to do it. 

Both kids did awesome for their first ever competition.  They seemed to like it and are willing to do it again.  This pool did not have a high board so it will be interesting when we get to a pool that does!

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