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Monday, April 1, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Buddy joined Cub Scouts last summer.  This was our family's first experience with Boy Scouts, and so far it has been a really good one.

In March, the Cub Scout pack held their Pinewood Derby.  About a month before, the boys were given a box with a block of wood, wheels, and directions.  They did get some help during one of their meetings to actually cut out the car based on a pattern of their own choosing.

I contacted our minister at church and requested a male mentor who might like to help Buddy with this project.  A gentleman volunteered and worked with Buddy to make the car (we'll call him Mr. P).  Mr. P came to cub scouts the night they cut out and sanded the cars.  About a week later, Mr. P took Buddy to his son-in-law's house to finish the car in his garage where "he had a tool" for everything!  Buddy named his car the Boss.

The scout leaders helped Buddy attach weights the night the cars were weighed to make sure they were all close to 5 oz, but not more.  Then the week of the race came and all were invited.

Eight cars raced three at a time, first in eight qualifying races, followed by four final races.  It was quite an elaborate wooden race track. 

The Boss took second place in its first race, just barely being edged out of first.  Buddy's car won its other two qualifying races and moved to the finals with three other cars.  Mr. P was so excited, probably even more than Buddy.  The Boss raced three times in the final races and took first and second places. 

Certificates and praise were awarded to all the boys who raced their cars.  Then the winner was announced.  It was Buddy and the Boss! 

Buddy couldn't believe it, and Mr. P was beside himself.  All the boys had fun.  I think the spectators did too!  What a neat experience, one Buddy will always remember!

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  1. I wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog. I found it a few months ago and peek in every now and again. Your little guy looks amazing with his trophy! Congratulations!!!