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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Acolyte in Training

Sweets and Buddy were the acolytes for our traditional church service this morning.  They light the candles on the alter in the front of the church at the start of the service. 

We arrived early to get their white robes and purple stoles on.  BB was taking it all in and said he wanted one too.  The acolyte garments are stored in the choir room closet with the choir robes, and the (old) little white children's choir robes were right beside them.  So, in an effort to avoid a fit, I threw a little white robe on BB's head and marched him out the door after the big kids.  Next stop - back of church.

BB sat on a chair right be side Buddy and Sweets waiting for the service to begin.  I sat beside him holding Precious, who I was planning to keep with me in service instead of taking her to the nursery since she has been sick.  The time came and the music of the prelude started.  Buddy and Sweets lined up behind the back pew and had their candle lighters lit.  BB walked over right behind them.  He looked at me; I looked at him and waved him to come back to the chairs.

I knew what was coming next as Buddy and Sweets started to process down the aisle between the pews!  I almost shoved Precious at the usher who had been watching this entire scene thinking it was so cute.  I quickly moved over and swooped up BB - he only made it past two pews (I think there were lots of grins!).  Luckily he didn't scream and I held him up and whispered in his ear with the play-by-play as his brother and sister finished their job.  Then BB softly said, "out the door," after the big kids disappeared behind the choir loft through the side doors.

He happily got down and went out the back door with me and Precious to find them.  Then he went willingly to the nursery without his robe, since the other two had taken their's off to go to Sunday School.  Overally, it was a successful part of the morning!

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