A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove...but the world may be different because I was important in the life of a child. --Forest E. Witcraft

Friday, October 12, 2012

Wow, What a Couple of Weeks


That about sums it up.  Somehow I managed to survive the insanity of the last two weeks. 

Sweets is here for her extended fall break.  She came on Friday two weeks ago and is staying through Sunday, except for the first Thursday night after choir until that Friday afternoon when I picked her back up.  She had her annual doctor's appointment, got her flu vaccine, and had a dentist appointment. 

BB also had a dentist appointment and a doctor's appointment where he got his flu vaccine.  He is learning new ways to get into things every day!  He loves to climb and can remember where he saw things to go back later and find them again.  His latest trick is to get a pen or crayon and write on everything!

May has taken on a true teen personality, moods and all.  She can be ever so helpful, but she can also give you the evil eye and show lots of attitude.  She had half days both Fridays and went to the high school homecoming game tonight.  She claims she is getting her homework done, but I am not riding her like I was before.  Next week is parent-teacher conferences - we'll see!

Buddy is doing well, but he is short on sleep.  He has managed to get his homework done, but too many times, it is late Thursday night before the last computer entry is made.  Cub Scouts has been a positive influence on him, and he really enjoys it.  This week marked the end of Lego Club after school on Wednesdays until January.  That has been a lot of fun for him.

Sweets and Buddy swing 180 degrees constantly in how they get along.  One minute they are fighting like cats and dogs; the next minute they are playing famously together.  They are both jealous of the other for things beyond their control.  Since Sweets has been here longer this time, their routine has been a little better.

Yesterday I updated on Precious.  She is growing up so fast!  She definitely wants personal attention and makes sure she doesn't miss anything happening around her.  She has her nine month checkup at the end of the month.

Flu shots and dentist appointments are coming up for May and Buddy next week.  They get next Thursday and Friday off for a short fall break.  They have their Children's Chorus rehearsals on Tuesday nights (where I have been volunteering on the uniform committee to help outfit 300 kids) while Sweets has her rehearsals on the other side of town on Thursday nights.  Next Saturday is their monthly combined rehearsal.

I've had three doctor's appointments over the last two weeks, and I have three more before the end of the month.  I should fit in a dentist appointment somewhere, but that will probably end up waiting.  I can expect a visit from Precious' case worker, my licensing worker, and a child therapist assigned to Precious before the end of the month as well.  I finally have my taxes for last year ready to mail (nothing like procrastinating until the last minute), and I need to complete my foster care renewal paperwork in the next week or so. 

Miss M was out of town for a family emergency most of last week, so our Friday babysitter and our former nanny from four years ago were able to fill in.  This week Miss M has not been feeling well, but she is a trooper and still managed to be here most of the time.  I am so thankful for her dedication to our family.  She makes things run so much more smoothly, and there is no doubt about how much she loves the kids!

Tomorrow we go to a birthday party for a one of my former foster daughters who is turning eight nine (boy, time goes fast!).  She was adopted by her grandma, and we see her several times a year.  The kids enjoyed picking out some gifts for her and are excited about the party. 

There is more, related to work, my externship for school, and my extended family.  Suffice it to say that I could really use a few more hours in each day.  I keep thinking that I am on the verge of things slowing down.  Let's hope!

For now, I need to finish my list of the things I must accomplish tomorrow...

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