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Sunday, July 24, 2011

4th Grader

I took Sweets home to her dad's this evening. She starts school in the morning. It is hard to believe she is in 4th grade already.

We met her teacher Thursday evening and heard how this classroom operates. Her dad did come, albeit late. We stayed after the other parents left and explained to him again about 1) she needs a healthy snack each morning, 2) he must sign her agenda each night after homework is complete, and 3) she needs to read 15 minutes each night and he must initial her log. We'll see how it goes. The teacher indicated she had talked with last year's teacher and knows the story.

I bought her two uniform skorts (she indicated her shirts still fit from last year), most of her classroom supply list, and her snacks for the first week. Hopefully, she will feel proud and like she fits in the first week. She was really resisting going back to school, but I don't think it was really school. I believe she was resisting because going back to school means going back to staying with dad all week.  Since June 1st, when she finished 3rd grade, she has been with me all but seven nights - only five trips home in over seven weeks.  She has loved it. I just hope she adjusts well to the new schedule with school.  The last two years, she has had problems the first few weeks weeks back. I'm hopeful she can deal with it better this year. After the adjustment period, she does well at school. It is her safe haven during the week where she knows what to expect.

The good news is that she knows I'm picking her up on Friday for the weekend. We also have special plans for the first two weekends in August. This means she has something to look forward to, if she will!

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  1. So glad she has you. You are a great mom to her!!