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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Still Waiting

I really thought Precious' adoption would be finalized this year.  There is still no date set for her adoption.  We can't even request one, because I don't have a current adoption certification.

Precious was legally free in July.  But then it took over a month for the CPS case to transfer from the ongoing unit to the adoptions unit.  My adoption certification expired two days before the transfer occurred. 

My licensing agency filed my home study requesting my new adoption certification the same week the case transferred to adoptions.  That was back in August.  My understanding was that sixty days is usually about the longest it takes for approval.  Not for me!

First it took almost two weeks just to get logged in with the clerk of the court.  Then it was given to a judge on the other side of the county for approval.  It sat on his desk for about five weeks.  Finally it was moved to the correct judge on my side of the county.  He received it the first week of October. 

One would think it might at least be approved by the first week of December.  Nope.  My adoption attorney, my licensing agency, and CPS have all been involved and trying to push for the certification to be complete.  The judge asked for more information in early November.  The last communication was that he would likely sign it before he left for Thanksgiving vacation.  That didn't happen.  Here we are two weeks later and still nothing.

There is a review hearing on Monday for Precious' CPS case.  Maybe the judge in that hearing can prod the other judge.  Who knows?  I can't even file the petition to adopt until the certification is signed.  The petition is ready to go, has been for months.  Once the petition is filed, the court assigns a date.  Please let it be this year!

I'm praying and hoping and praying.  Everything will happen in God's timing, which is perfect.  Right now, I'm just not very patient and have a hard time remembering that!

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